Monday, October 6, 2008

Change is the Only Constant

There is a great saying I like that goes something like: "there is no security in life, only opportunity." I'm reminded of that as my life seems to be in the midst of great change once again.
Our daughter will be born in about a month! My DVD is now finished and almost ready for distribution. I'm studying for my CSCS (which is long overdue). And I'm ready to launch my newsletter and produce my ebooks that I've put on the back-burner.
With such transition it becomes difficult to maintain a regular routine, and I've found myself missing an odd workout, and running a little short on sleep (2 things I always advise clients against). The positive outcome of this is that I've been motivated to develop a training program that can accomodate a busier schedule, which I hope to publish for my clients once I've had a chance to make some adjustments. It's also forced me to become better prepared with my meal planning.
In the end, whenever life feels as though it's being turned upside down I get excited, because I know it's a time of opportunity... and if you approach it correctly you will almost always come out in a better place once things settle.
It would be great to hear from any of you with similar experiences, who have still been able to keep up your training program! What changes did you make? How did it go?
Till next time, Stay Fit.

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Unknown said...

“Fear of change is wrong-headed thinking that only makes us reluctant to accept the inevitable.”

— Harry Dent