Saturday, March 19, 2016

Post Workout Protein Shake Recipe - Sweet Liquid Gains!

In this video I show you what I'm using in my post-workout protein shake right now. I used to add almond butter but now I'm trying to keep the fats lower post workout (and up the carbs/protein) for faster absorption.

Here's my shake recipe:

Whey or Vegan Protein powder (1.5 scoops)

Greens Freak (or other greens powder)

Benefibre -1 spoonful


Banana - 1 or 2

Milk (dairy, almond, rice)

Instant Oatmeal (optional... I just like the taste, texture, and helps me hit my carbs).

Frozen berries - 1 cup

Greek Yogurt (low fat) - 1/2 cup... although some dairy products bother my gut, yogurt seems fine. Also high in protein and gut-healthy pro-biotics.

Try this out and let me know what you think. Also comment below to share your own protein shake recipe. Thanks for watching!

Quiz the Coach - What Supplements Should I Take?

I received a question from a subscriber asking about what supplements to take (specifically for strength). I decided that because supplementation is a common topic of discussion, I would answer this question on video and feature it as another Quiz the Coach episode.

But I want to address this topic in a broader sense, first looking at what basic supplements I recommend, then share a couple of supplements related to increasing strength, and finally providing a few excellent resources for doing your own research into supplementation. Here are the websites I suggest you check out:

Friday, March 18, 2016

Top 5 Fat Loss Nutrition Priorities - How to Simplify Your Diet

People have some pretty strange ideas about their diet. 

In this video I want to simplify things by explaining what the TOP 5 main things are that you need to consider when it comes to nutrition for losing weight. These are your priorities, in order:

1) Caloric deficit - eat less than you burn off
2) Know your macronutrients and consume the right amounts of protein, fats, and carbs
3) Pay attention to food quality
4) Meal timing may make a slight difference
5) Supplementation is really only beneficial once everything else is on track.

You can find out more on my blog at:

Also check out my video on Nutrient Timing:

and my video on Supplements Worth Taking:

Friday, March 11, 2016

IIFYM vs Clean Eating - Is There a Middle Ground?

Is it really "IIFYM vs Clean Eating" or are these 2 approaches really complementary? Here I discuss the virtues and drawbacks of IIFYM and "eating clean" and offer some suggestions on how to create your own nutrition plan based on this information.