Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick Lower Body Workout with the Jungle Gym Straps

Jungle Gym Straps

While I was at a conference in LA recently I met another fitness professional, Mey Tseng, from , and we started discussing the importance of getting your workouts in while you're traveling or away from the gym. I introduced her to the Jungle Gym straps (I always take them with me when I travel) and we recorded this training footage.... with the help of another talented professional we met there, Leah Bolton, who produced this great video for us! Check out her site at

Check out the Jungle Gym straps at
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Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Develop a Powerful Grip (and protect your wrists!): Part 1

Grip, hand, and forearm training is an often neglected part of one's program, yet grip strength is so important. If you've ever had wrist or forearm pain, had trouble opening a jar, felt your grip weaken while working out, wanted stronger looking fore-arms, or just wanted a firmer handshake, these exercises are for you.

These exercises are also important for athletes and weekend warriors participating in sports that involve throwing, swinging, catching, carrying, or gripping... yes, I know that covers A LOT of sporting activities!  The ones I demonstrate for you in this video include:
  • Parallel Thick Grip Static Hold
  • Wrist Roller Variations
  • Pinch Grip Block

I had quite a few exercises to share with you so to keep the video length to minimum I've separated this into 2 parts. Stay tuned for PART TWO next week for more unique and effective exercises to help you get a grip on things!

Let me know if you have any good grip / forearm exercises you use regularly if I missed them!

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