Thursday, December 20, 2012

6 Tips to Managing Your Cheat Meals

The nutrition plan for my Get Lean Program, although being well-balanced for long term results, may still be tough to follow for some people.  A drastic reduction in starchy carbohydrates and processed foods can seem extreme to those who have developed non-supportive eating habits.  For this reason, among others, a Cheat Day is recommended in my program.

Psychologically, it's much easier to "eat clean" when you know you will have an opportunity to indulge yourself later. Despite being somewhat controversial, the idea of a cheat day, or at least a cheat meal, is a common element in many popular nutrition plans and diets.  Myself, I cheat every Saturday.  The main reason I include a weekly cheat meal is not so much for the mental aspect or to settle any cravings, but rather to support a healthy metabolism.
The following video could be considered to be taking things too far... this is what I call my Epic Cheat Meal. Prepare to be amazed by my glorious creation! (Vegetarians, I suggest you avert your eyes!):