Sunday, November 10, 2013

Alternative Approaches to Exercise Prescription

Welcome to another Straight to the Bar Gymchat! In this Hangout I was joined by Matthew Palfrey. We discussed alternative exercise prescription, sandbag training, exercise selection, program design, and how to keep it simple!

Matt Palfrey is a strength and conditioning coach, health and fitness consultant, the founder of the Sandbag Fitness Blog and the author of The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training and Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports.

He believes that training should be simple but effective, and that a no-nonsense approach works best every time. His Sandbag Fitness Blog attracts unconventional trainees, strength sport competitors, martial artists and CrossFitters the world over.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

In Honor Of Remembrance Day

This post is my small way of saying "Thank You" to the brave men and women who died in military service of their country. For me this is not about glorifying war or making any sort of political statement. It's simply about honoring those who gave their lives in the many wars fought to protect our freedom.

So what exactly is this day all about? Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of the official end of the World War I hostilities on November 11, 1918. World War I was a massive conflict played out over the whole globe, but particularly in Europe, where troops from Canada supported the Allied forces.

World War I resulted in the loss of huge numbers of lives amongst both civilians and military personnel. Many more people were badly injured. The war left great emotional scars on the servicemen who had experienced it, as well as in their families and communities. Remembrance Day commemorates those who died in armed conflicts, particularly in and since World War I.

In Canada, November 11 is officially called Remembrance Day, but it is also known as Armistice Day and Poppy Day. Remembrance Day is commemorated in many countries, particularly members of the Commonwealth, including Australia and New Zealand (where it is also referred to as Armistice Day). In the United States, Veterans Day falls on the same date. In the United Kingdom, the Sunday closest to November 11 is known as Remembrance Sunday.

Let us never forget.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Movember Epic Moustache Mission

Much to the dismay of my wife and daughter I have decided to participate in Movember this year!

This means I will be grooming my moustache for the entire month to increase awareness of and raise funds to combat testicular and prostate cancer. But I can't do it alone... I need your support to fight the good fight! Find out more and give what you can on my MoBro page at:

Or sign up yourself and start growing your own epic stache! If you do I invite you to join our team at:

Thanks for the support... now let's grow!