Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is Nutrient Timing Really Necessary?

This is a quick summary of a lecture on Nutrient Timing I recently attended by Brad Schoenfeld, (where he discussed the exploration of this topic he did with Alan Aragon).

By introducing the key points from his lecture, I answer the question "is nutrient timing really necessary?". Also check out my blog post on this topic:

... as well as Brad and Alan's article "Nutrient Timing Revisited":

Also watch Matty Fusaro's hilarious video on the "Anabolic Window"... classic:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

5 Big Benefits of Creatine - PLUS GiveAway!

Despite being one of the most well-researched sports nutrition supplements around, there still seems to be a lot of misunderstanding surrounding Creatine. In this video I will attempt to clear up some of this confusion, explain exactly what creatine is, introduce Five Big Benefits of Creatine, and provide a few links to some of the relevant research.

Creatine is a completely safe, natural food supplement. It is already present in our bodies and in many of the foods we eat (especially meat). Here is a great interview with that covers most of the basics about supplementing with creatine:

Now let's take a look at a few of the impressive benefits of creatine.

1. Quick Energy & Faster Recovery during Intense Exercise:

Creatine will help you lift more weight and recovery more quickly, which can lead to greater strength gains.

2. Creatine Leads to Greater Muscle Mass:

Research demonstrates that as part of a strength training program, prolonged creatine supplementation is met with an increased muscle growth rate as well as cell volumnization. So you get stronger AND bigger... what more can you ask for?

3. Creatine Inhibits Myostatin:

Myostatin is a protein synthesized in our skeletal muscle that basically governs how much muscle we can potentially gain. This will determine our genetic potential to gain muscle mass.

When myostatin is decreased or removed, muscle cells are allowed to freely grow or multiply more quickly, leading to massive gains!  Well, during my research for creatine I came across a study that demonstrated how oral administration of creatine has a myostatin-inhibiting effect.

4. Creatine Increases IGF-1:

Did you know that creatine has also been proven to increase IGF-1 in your muscles post-workout? IGF-1 is responsible for tissue growth and repair (including muscle).

5. Creatine Enhances Brain Function:

A study published in the prestigious Neuroscience, showed that supplementing with creatine will enhance brain function. Also check out this study below:

I hope this video helps clear up some of the confusion around this awesome supplement.

Friday, May 16, 2014

My First GIVEAWAY Contest - RIPPED FREAK Fat Burner

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I plan on doing more of these... probably monthly, and most likely with more winners and bigger prizes! So watch for that coming up.

Friday, January 31, 2014

15 Years of Punishment - Training & Contest Montage

I've collected some of my training and competition footage from over the past 15 years and compiled a few highlights into this 2 minute video.

It includes powerlifting, strongman competitions, calisthenics, implement training, and more!

It's been quite a journey so far, and I still have a lot to learn and explore with my training. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let Your Pain Be Your Fuel (Motivational)

I watched hundreds of motivational videos and listened to countless motivational speeches, and many of them have helped to get me fired up to take action. But for some reason, none of them have had quite the same affect on me as this one did.

There is something raw and real about what Marc Megna is saying in this video that really got to me. Maybe it was because he is talking about his own actual experiences, rather than just some imaginary idea. Perhaps I'm just at a point in my life where this message held greater significance for me. For whatever reason I was tearing up by the end of watching it. It's a powerful video... I hope you draw something positive from it as well:

I think part of what I really like about this message is that it helps me to see that challenges I face as opportunities to grow, rather than something to avoid or feel sorry for myself about. I've taken on a lot of new projects this year and I've faced a few obstacles, as I think most of us have, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed and to start saying "why me?". But isn't it more productive to embrace these challenges and face them head on? I believe it is.

The idea isn't that we should pursue "pain", or look for struggles in life, but rather that we shouldn't shy away from it either. We can overcome that pain. We can learn from our struggles. We will grow from it... and the bigger we get, the smaller our problems will seem. Be grateful for the opportunity to become a stronger person... to grow into your greatness.

Remember these quotes:

"We are made strong by what we overcome."

"Whatever does not kill you will make you stronger."
"Don't pray for an easy life... pray to be a stronger person."
"Without pain there is no gain. Without pain there is no glory."

After you watch it I'd appreciate hearing from you... can you relate to it? What did you get from it? Please take a minute to post a comment below.

Stay strong!