Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Subject Matter Do You Want To See?

I've had several new subscribers since I last sent out a newsletter, so I decided it's time for another Poll to check in with you guys and get an idea what your interests are.

Please take a second to make up to 2 selections on the Poll below... it will help me get even better content out on my blog and newsletter in the future. Thanks!

I have a couple of training videos (recorded during my trip to Russia) prepared for you that I'll be posting next week ... check back then!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What The Heck Have I Been Up To?

Hello again,

It's been several weeks since I've posted a blog... I've been a busy boy! Let me catch you up on what's been going on:

To help me with my growing client load I've recently hired a new trainer to work with me, and my goal is to have 1 or 2 more trainers working with Top Form Fitness clients. This change has required me to make some changes within my business, such as organizing our programs into templated training systems and creating PowerPoint nutrition presentations for each phase, as well as providing more training resources for both the clients and our trainers. This results in a better training experience and more consistent results for the clients, and enables the trainer to deliver more professional service.

Changes like this are exciting, but they can take time. However, I'm almost finished... just working on completing a series of exercise tutorial videos for an online video library. This will be a great resource for both one-on-one AND online clients! I'll post a link when I have it set up.

I've also been training myself quite seriously this spring/summer, and I've competed in a couple of Strongman competitions with some members of the strength athletics group I started, Team Barbarian. I've basically been testing my strength training program, as are several other trainers, before I package it up as an ebook training manual and make it available to others online.

I was very pleased with my strength gains and my competition performance, however I was unfortunate enough to suffer a partial tear of my bicep tendon in one of the events. After a few weeks of modified training it should heal... but the glory of being strong lasts forever! LOL! Here is some footage of the competitions:

New Liskeard Strongman, 2010:

United Way Strongman Contest, 2010:

Btw, if you enjoy strongman training or checking out the competitions, subscribe to my new YouTube channel ... I've got alot of new footage on there and I'll be submitting more videos soon.

Anyway, the biggest news for me at present is that my wife and daughter and I are jumping on the plane tomorrow and heading to Belarus! We will be visiting my wife's family and introducing our daughter to the grandparents who haven't met her yet. This is Kaitlyn's first flight... pretty exciting!

While in Belarus I plan to take some time to get caught up on rest, rehab my bicep tendon, and work on one of my ebooks. I've been putting the 2 ebooks (training manuals) on the back-burner for too long... now I expect to have time to finish one of them, and get started on the biggie!

I also plan on getting some good video footage from Belarus (including training tutorials, and the banye -a hot/cold Russian sauna experience!) which I will post on my blog and send out on my newsletter. I look forward to staying connected with everyone online more this season.

Finally, I'm hoping to post a biweekly Top Form Fitness Challenge video. So check back here again, and subscribe at and I'll have more good training and nutrition information to share!

Stay Fit,