Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Guided Meditation Journey into Body Sensations

Tired of living in your head? It's time to Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses! Enjoy this Guided Meditation & Body Scan I created to gently guide you on an inner journey into body sensations:

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Do You Get Hurt Working Out? 7 Tips to Train without Pain

Tired of getting hurt when you workout? Follow these 7 strategies for avoiding pain when you train:

1. Warm Up Properly - Dynamic Warm Up and Isometric Activation

2. Slow Down! Increase TUT & Use Better Techniqe

3. Use Less Load & Better Form - Forget Ego Lifting

4. Focus on Form, Feel, Mind-Muscle Connection, Strong Contraction, Intention

5. Appropriate Exercise Selection - if it hurts your joints, look for alternatives (at least until you're body is ready); also train antagonist muscles in balance

6. Recovery - attention to nutrition, rest, training volume & intensity

7. AROM Flexibility / Mobility Work AFTER Exercise vs Before (avoid passive stretching)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Benefits of Inversions - The Up Side of Being Upside Down

I've started to include some form of inversion in my daily routine,
usually in the morning before I meditate. This could be a downward dog
yoga pose, my inversion "bench", gravity boots, gymnastics rings
inversion, or wall handstand.

I try to hold the position for at least a minute or so (around 25 deep
breaths), but if you choose to try this progress slowly and see how you
feel as there may be significant pressure in your head at first.

Some of the benefits of being upside down include:

  • improved circulation 
  • blood flow / oxygen to brain (brain health, mental focus) 
  • improved lymph and immune function 
  • a shift in perspective leading to improved problem solving ability 
  • better mood, relaxation, reduced stress 
  • stimulates chakras 

Check out my short video below for more information:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy New Year - Resolve to Do NOTHING this Year?

Just a quick message to wish you an amazing year moving forward. I know
for many people this past year was a challenging year and often we look to the New
Year to take massive toward positive change in our lives... which
typically comes in the form of exercising more, eating better, working
harder, trying harder, and chasing some other form of external

This year I encourage you to also take some time "out" for your inner
"work". Time for stillness, reflection, relaxation, and meditation.
Quiet time. It might sound cliche or unproductive, but some of your most
profound realizations come when you still your mind and look inward.

Here is the Dynamic Warm Up I mention in the above video:

And here is my video discussing Mindfulness Meditation:

I hope you enjoyed the video. Happy New Year!

Minimalist Workout of the Week - Squats/ DB Row/ Incline Press

After competing and training for Men's Physique for the past couple of
years I'm ready for a change... a reduction in overall training volume.
Minimalist training is a higher frequency, lower volume training method
that involves full body workouts on non-consecutive days, consisting of 3
compound exercises: a Lower Body movement and an Upper Body Push and
Pull movement performed as a strength circuit. Typically 3 to 4 rounds
of 6 to 12 reps (lower reps on heavy/intensity days, higher reps on
volume/hypertrophy days).