Sunday, October 28, 2018

Benefits of Inversions - The Up Side of Being Upside Down

I've started to include some form of inversion in my daily routine,
usually in the morning before I meditate. This could be a downward dog
yoga pose, my inversion "bench", gravity boots, gymnastics rings
inversion, or wall handstand.

I try to hold the position for at least a minute or so (around 25 deep
breaths), but if you choose to try this progress slowly and see how you
feel as there may be significant pressure in your head at first.

Some of the benefits of being upside down include:

  • improved circulation 
  • blood flow / oxygen to brain (brain health, mental focus) 
  • improved lymph and immune function 
  • a shift in perspective leading to improved problem solving ability 
  • better mood, relaxation, reduced stress 
  • stimulates chakras 

Check out my short video below for more information:

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