Friday, February 26, 2016

Amazing Same Day Before

Do you find it hard to believe some of the Before - After photos you see online are legit? Ever wonder what's really going with those "amazing physique transformation" pics?

While you can't just assume that any unbelievable transformation pics are "fake", IMO it's also important to realize that most before/after or 'progress' photos involve a little tweaking... such as tanning, shaving, optimal lighting, posing, sticking your gut out vs flexing, pumping up, water and carb manipulation, etc.

This doesn't necessarily qualify as "cheating", but it helps to know this if you expect to achieve the results you see in those 'testimonials'.

In this video I'm demonstrating a simple example of how you can temporarily attain a noticeable change in your physique over a short period of time, implementing some of the strategies I listed above.

Knowing this, the other consideration is that once you are lean enough (ie: single digit body fat with visible abs) you can use some of these techniques to transform your body over a few day leading up to a contest, photoshoot, or a beach vacation.

In my 3D Abs product I include a bonus report call "Beach-Ready Bod: Peak Week Prep" which explains all of this in detail. Check it out at:

Thursday, February 11, 2016

In Pursuit of the Front Lever

Kane Sumabat and I demonstrate several exercise progressions for the Front Lever. Post your questions and comments below. Thanks for watching!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Barefoot Running - Are Your Shoes / Orthotics Hurting Your Feet?

In this Gym Chat I interview Steven Sashen, the founder of Xero Shoes® ... a modern spin on the traditional barefoot running sandal — durable, stylish and affordable — and so light and low-profile it’s like you’re not wearing anything. Yet, you get a strong layer of protection, your feet and legs work the way nature intended, your posture can naturally realign, and you awaken your senses and stimulate your brain.

We touch on several important topics related to Barefoot Running:

-The top problems people have when trying barefoot running (and their solutions)

-The three key moves that let you easily and comfortably run barefoot

-The 4 types of barefoot runners — knowing which you are changes EVERYTHING

-Why “minimalist” shoes are not the same as barefoot (so if you tried minimal and it didn’t work, here’s why)

-How being barefoot can help if you have ankle, knee, hip, back, or even neck pain… and plantar fasciitis

-The “foam mattress” theory about why cushioning and orthotics may be harming you.

Most importantly, how to have FUN while you explore natural movement!

Find out more about Steven and Xero Shoes at (Click on Discover Your Feet for some great articles and videos!).

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