Saturday, March 19, 2016

Post Workout Protein Shake Recipe - Sweet Liquid Gains!

In this video I show you what I'm using in my post-workout protein shake right now. I used to add almond butter but now I'm trying to keep the fats lower post workout (and up the carbs/protein) for faster absorption.

Here's my shake recipe:

Whey or Vegan Protein powder (1.5 scoops)

Greens Freak (or other greens powder)

Benefibre -1 spoonful


Banana - 1 or 2

Milk (dairy, almond, rice)

Instant Oatmeal (optional... I just like the taste, texture, and helps me hit my carbs).

Frozen berries - 1 cup

Greek Yogurt (low fat) - 1/2 cup... although some dairy products bother my gut, yogurt seems fine. Also high in protein and gut-healthy pro-biotics.

Try this out and let me know what you think. Also comment below to share your own protein shake recipe. Thanks for watching!

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