Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beside Every Successful Man...

I was just thinking back on how much my life has changed (for the better) over the last few years, and I was considering how fortunate I was to have the influences I've had. At one time I was satisfied doing enough to just "get by".... I had minimal ambition, aside from my training. In fact, I was under the delusion that I was "playing it safe" by working at a 'secure' job to pay the bills, while avoiding the risks of building my own business. I had no idea of the incredible potential we human beings have!
Thank God I met my wife, Olga. I can honestly say that this was a sharp turning point in my life, where things began to evolve, and haven't stopped since! I left behind the mundane jobs that were putting me to sleep, and I'm happy to say I now run my own training business and love every minute of it. Not to say that it isn't hard work, but I'm growing something that is mine, and I'm doing it because I want to. And it is in large part because of the support, encouragement, and wisdom of my wife and the faith she had in me that I was able to start doing what I love for a living!

When you feel you've accomplished something you gotta give yourself a pat on the back, but it's also important to give credit where it's due. This props goes out to my better half!


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