Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stay Fit Minute #3: Shovelling Snow Sucks

OK, this was one of my first StayFit vids, so ignore the hack acting! (LOL)

Winter now has a pretty solid foot-hold, and we've had some decent snow-fall (although nothing like last year so far!). This Stay Fit video will demonstrate a series of exercises to prepare you for the inevitable snow-shovelling many of us have to face. I have a client who complained who used to seriously hurt his back almost every year while shovelling snow. I put together a series of basic exercises for him to help prevent this, and I'm happy to say it has.

As a matter of fact, every winter there are many people who injure their backs while shovelling the new snow-fall because of muscular imbalances and being out of shape. I thought it would be helpful to post these exercise basics to prevent these types of injuries.

I don't consider this a complete training program, but becoming comfortable with these movements will help. Once you are stable enough, I would also include the deadlift movement (introduced later). I also suggest you switch sides often when shovelling, and remember to use correct shovelling technique!


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Jason Rundell said...

Hey Josh. Great video as always. I finally got some resistance tubing and plan to start a routine with most of these exercises since I spend a lot of my time sitting in a chair at a computer. I also have to shovel the driveway frequently.

Cheers buddy,

Jason Rundell