Sunday, September 12, 2010

Basic Fat Loss Facts

Hello everyone,

In this post I want to share some important fat loss tips in response to a recent subscriber comment.

Before getting to that I want to thank everyone who completed the survey I posted! (If not please do so... it helps me get my readers the content they want!).
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I had posted another "Subscriber Poll" a few months ago as well, and the response from that indicated that most of you were interested in learning more about fat loss and / or strength training. Hence my focus on getting stronger and leaner.

In my more recent online survey I wanted to get more specific, and it looks like many of you would like to see more body-weight exercises and workouts that require minimal equipment. There was also interest in unique or unconventional exercises.

Thank you for your feedback!  I look forward to posting some good tips and tutorials for you soon!
Now let's discuss how to lose body fat!  Here are some key points you need to consider if you're goal is to get leaner and STAY lean:

1. Nutrition is paramount for fat loss!  You can't out-train a bad diet (check out Craig Ballentyne's video below).  I set up my clients with a complete nutrition plan when they start on one of our programs, but the basics are:
  • Eliminate simple sugars
  • Drink more water (and green tea)
  • Keep your portions smaller but schedule a healthy snack mid morning and mid afternoon.
  • Aim to eat vegetables and a source of protein at each meal or snack
  • Take a fish oil supplement daily
  • Use a nutrition journal. Studies prove that when you write it down you will be more successful!

==>; Check out one of Craig's programs HERE

2. Resistance Training (ie- circuit training) is more effective than cardio for long term fat loss.  Strength training exercise raises your metabolism, helps regulate insulin, controls your blood sugar levels, and reshapes your body. Resistance training leads to a double-reducing affect, where you are not only burning calories (and fat) while you are training, but your metabolism is also elevated for several hours following the workout.  So don't assume that when I'm sharing information about resistance training that it doesn't relate to fat loss!

3. High intensity cardio trumps long, slow cardio: If you do cardio, incorporate high intensity intervals. Long duration, slow cardio can reduce your metabolism by causing you to lose lean tissue.  Whereas high intensity, short duration cardio "interval training" can boost your growth hormone levels and help you maintain your muscle tissue while burning fat.

4. Mental Conditioning: Your mind controls your body, so you need to learn to take charge of it! If you complain or let negative self-talk creep into your subconscious (such as "I'll never lose weight", or "it's too hard and I don't have time", etc), you can sabotage your progress.   You need to set clear goals, train yourself to visualize success with your goals, and approach your nutrition and exercise plan with confidence and optimism!

5. Follow a well structured training plan: Your exercise program should have planned variations and use productive exercises within a proven routine. This is exactly what I'm producing for you with my Get Lean ebook... should be ready soon!

I hope these tips help you reach your goal of getting leaner and stronger!  I have several video tutorials lined up and ready to share soon... stay tuned for that.

Post a comment if you have any questions or want to share something.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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