Monday, September 20, 2010

What Is My "Why"? (Motivational Message)

Let me tell you about the highlight of my day today: My 2 year old daughter Kaitlyn picked up our copy of the DVD "The Incredibles" and while pointing at Mr. Incredible on the cover, said "Poppa!".

Then several times while she was watching the movie, she'd point at Mr. Incredible on the screen, then point at me and say "poppa" again. This just made my day!

This also made me think of what's important to me in my life. What inspires me to do what I do? What drives me to achieve my goals and motivates me to become successful? What is my WHY? To illustrate my inspiration I made this short video, touching on what's important to me, including family, friends, the people I help and the work I do, as well as the more superficial motivators like wealth and success.

When you have a strong enough "Why" you will always find out how. It's important to be clear on your "why"... consider everything that is important to you in life, and consider what really is driving you to be the best you can be, and strive to better yourself as a person. I'd like to hear what drives you... please share in comments below! Remember, there are no "wrong" answers here.

Here is another great video I found that will get you thinking in the right direction:

I just wanted to share these thoughts with you today... I hope it got you thinking, or gave you some motivation!

Go for yours!

Mr. Incredible

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