Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Is a Vegan Diet Right For You?

Maybe you've asked yourself "Is a Vegan diet right for me?" Maybe you're a Vegan already. And that's OK... we all make mistakes; let's talk about it.

Let's take a look at why Veganism may not be ideal for many people. IMO, the main issues are that it is difficult to achieve balanced nutrition on a vegan diet, especially if you are strength training. That doesn't mean it's all bad... I do agree with reducing dairy, eating less processed foods, staying hydrated, eating more veggies, staying alkaline, more fiber, etc...but I do suggest caution with such an extreme/restrtictive approach. It may be better to take what works and leave the rest (what some call being a "flexitarian").

Here are some of the main issues with a vegan diet:

Deficient in essential nutrients:

Low fat, high carb diets are based on certain myths and misconceptions:

Now what about DR and those YouTubers who suggest high carb, low fat, low protein diets and lots of cardio? Check out these links to learn the real issues with excessive cardio:

Both endurance and strength athletes need more protein:

Protein for fat loss:

Also remember, there are NO essential carbohydrates, but there are essential amino acids (protein), and essential fatty acids (in fat). If we stopped eating ALL fat, we die. If we stopped eating ALL protein, we also die. But we can live without carbs.

I'm not suggesting to stop eating all carbs... just making a point that your body can function without them. In fact, FAT is a far more efficient fuel source. Find out why at the links below (interesting shit!):

Get Fat Adapted:

Shift Your Metabolism:

But the biggest problem with a Vegan diet is: NO Bacon!

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