Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Set Up A Home Gym (Beginner to Advanced)

Having a home gym ROCKS! For many trainees a home gym has distinct advantages over going to a commercial gym. You just need to evaluate the space you have available... would you use your basement, garage, shed, spare room, or even your bedroom? Or just train at the park outside?

Quite often people will be on a budget when they first set up some home training accessories, and over time they build from the basics. I see it as different levels of Home Gym Evolution... this video describes 4 Levels:

1. Bodyweight & Bands Basics
2. Free Weights (basic to advanced options)
3. Cable Pulley Machines
4. Training Accessories (Belts, wraps, straps, chains, handles, chalk, etc)

In this tutorial I take you on a tour of my own basement gym and show you what I recommend as far as the bare essentials for setting up your own home gym: Mat, Ball, Bands, Suspension Straps, Chin Up bar, and maybe Parallel Dip Bars.

Then I take a look at how I would build from there for a more advanced home gym: Olympic free weight barbell set, bench, rack, dumbbells, other accessories and equipment.

Home Gym Set Up (SttB Article):
Get your Power Wheel at:
Jungle Gym Straps:
Other accessories:

Btw, I also have equipment in my garage... Garage gym: atlas stone, steel log, sled, farmers walk handles, Olympic plates, 650 lb Tire (my baby tire... big one is in storage).

Also check out my recent interview on this same topic at :

I hope that gives you some guidance and ideas for setting up your own home gym! I'm sure your neighbors will thank me for the loud music, clanging plates, and dropping weights... have fun and get strong!


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