Monday, November 15, 2010

"Thank You" Promo Contest (Jungle Gym Give-Away)

Thanks for being a supporter of! To reward you for joining our mailing list, we have a FREE gift contest.

Tell us how we've improved the quality of your life in an e-mail or in a video by December 1 and we will reward ONE awesome testimonial with a free Jungle Gym! That's right, absolutely no charge, and shipping is on us.

However, if you aren't that chosen one, you will still be a winner because ALL testimonials will qualify for a limited time only $10 Discount for the Jungle Gym. This amazing offer is only available until December 24...just in time for Christmas =)

You may have read and seen my video on our recent post on the Jungle Gym, as hosted by Leg Exercise Expert Mey Tseng:

Lower Body Workout

I demonstrate how we can work out while we're traveling or at home, with this very simple and light weight piece of exercise equipment called a Jungle Gym.

So, how do you get your chance to win your own Jungle Gym?

Write us a testimonial on how has helped you in your fitness goals. Has it motivated you to start an exercise program? Have you been inspired to stay more active? Have you achieved your ideal weight? Do you feel healthier? Look better? Just enjoy more energy and activity in your life?

Share your good news before prize entry deadline of November 30th, by sending your testimonial to (or just reply to this message) and I will inform the lucky winner on December 5th!

All entries will get a $10 off special discount, which must be redeemed by December 24, 2010. Not a subscriber yet? To be eligible sign up on the top left of this blog, or at

THANK YOU for being a part of the community. We really appreciate it!

Stay fit,


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