Monday, November 22, 2010

Keep the Hunger Alive! (Motivational Video)

This is some footage from back in the year 2000 at Ontario's Strongest Man.
I was sure hungry back then. Watching this old footage stirred something up inside of me. It lit a fire under my @ss to take my physical conditioning to the next level again. Over the next few weeks I'm going to set some big goals and make a solid plan to reach them. I'll keep you updated.

I thought the soundtrack I used for this video summed up that feeling nicely. The need to be passionate about something and go after it. This is an excerpt from a seminar with the motivational speaker, Les Brown.

"You don't get in life what you 'want'... you get in life what you 'are'.
You must program yourself for success...
and always stay hungry!"

"Success leaves clues. Always follow those people who are doing what you want to do at the level that you want to do it, and learn from them."

People who are hungry are willing to do whatever it takes.

You have greatness within you! Don't allow your circumstances to determine who you are. Don't allow your negative thoughts to hold you back.

You can do more than you can ever begin to imagine...

Stay Strong,



scott craig said...

Great stuff. You spend your life professionaly helping others get stronger. It is cool to hear you ramping up yourself!

I'd like to pass this message on to my people.

Scott Craig

Unknown said...

Thanks Scott Craig... I appreciate the comment! Feel free to share this message with your people... that would be great.