Thursday, February 18, 2010

Motivation Vs. Discipline

My man, Elliot Hulse!


Dayne Gingrich said...

Couldn't agree more!!!!!!!

I actually wrote a post on this "Discipline" topic recently. It's not a word that gets nearly the credit it deserves.

It's the 'secret' that the most successful understand fully. Commitment and Discipline are best friends that dominate the game together, and can't be stopped.

Motivation can be stopped, stalled, cradled, and crushed. Motivation is often a false sense of security that makes us believe that's all we need to reach that next level. Sorry, folks... NOPE!

Discipline is, and always will be, the answer for long term success!


Unknown said...

Absolutely! This ties in with determination, persistence, and consistent effort... discipline is a quality that is developed within and gives us direction in life, whereas motivation often needs to be reinforced externally and is usually dependent on our moods and environment. In fact, I find those individuals who are the most disciplined to be very motivational for others! Lol