Sunday, October 18, 2009

The POWER of Vitamin D!

With winter fast approaching we have been inundated by what I call "flu shot ads"... basically a marketing campaign to promote the importance of getting the flu vaccine. Well, I suppose this makes sense, because this is the "flu season", although the flu vaccine carries with it a whole set of health risks itself; but there is another way to safely protect yourself against the flu virus. Vitamin D!

More and more research is coming out about this amazing vitamin, as you might have noticed recently.

Some of the MANY benefits of Vitamin D include:

* Increase calcium absorption and aids in increasing bone density
* Boosts your immune system
* Helps prevent cancer and several autoimmune disorders
* Aids in protecting against viruses such as the flu
* Blood pressure regulation
* Insulin sensitivity

That's just to mention a few benefits! Watch the following video which describes some of the recent research on the benefits of vitamin D...

Also check out this "controversial" video and article linked below about vitamin D and the flu!

There is more and more information coming out about this Vitamin, and some health professionals actually describe vitamin D as a hormone rather than a vitamin, because of the role it plays in our body. I strongly recommend you take this simple step to improving your health by increasing your intake of this vital nutrient, both through safe, healthy exposure to sunlight as well as supplementation.

Stay healthy!


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