Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Are The Strongest Guys In Ontario?

I recently had the pleasure of attending the annual Ontario's Strongest Man competition, which was held in Kitchener this year. It was particularly enjoyable because a couple of my friends and team-mates were competing in it, and had qualified for the finals!

Eric and Drew are strength athletes. They have been training and competing in this grueling sport for several years, showing consistent improvement. Their hard work paid off, as demonstrated by their awesome performance... check out the video.

Ontario's Strongest Man 2009 from Josh Hewett on Vimeo.

One of these guys actually got started in strength training about 4 years agos as client of mine . He was a skinny 16 year old and literally transformed himself over a couple of years of serious training, following the Barbarian Strength System (will be online to check out soon, at

I also used to compete seriously in strength athletics, and I although I still do enter a couple of local contests each year, watching this event made we want to get more involved in the sport.

It's important to recognize that the same qualities that lead to success in a strength sport like this, are also necessary for success in any fitness or performance goal.

These qualities include discipline, consistency, hard work, positive attitude, and direction. You need to have a clear goal, develop a solid plan to achieve it, believe you will achieve it, then passionately pursue it.

Wishing you continued success in your own fitness and performance goals!

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