Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stay Fit Minute #12- High Pull & Power Clean

The high pull and the power clean are great exercises for developing explosiveness and power, qualities which are essential in most sports. These exercises also strengthen your posterior chain.

Watch this short video demonstrating some of the key points of these movements.

Note: the power clean differs from the full clean (or "Squat Clean") in that your hips don’t come lower than parallel with this movement. This means you need to pull the bar higher & accelerate as much as you can.

There are several exercise progressions that I recommend in order to progress up to these exercises, but they are not covered in this video. You can contact me for more information on these movements.

The basic steps involved with the Power Clean:

*Jump. Catch the bar in the rack position.

*Stomp. Your body coordinates stomping with racking. The harder you stomp, the faster you’ll rack. Stomp your feet back into your footprints.

*Elbows High. Even in this video demonstration the elbows are too low during the pull. Also be sure to rack the bar by throwing your elbows as high as possible in front of you so the bar is supported on your upper chest / shoulders.

You will benefit from incorporating these exercises into your program. In future issues I will discuss program design and how to construct a solid training routine.

Stay strong!


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