Monday, December 13, 2010

What Story Do You Tell Yourself? (Client Testimonial)

Here is another testimonial I wanted to share with you which I think you'll enjoy.  I found Diane's story amusing and got a good laugh from it, but it was also interesting how she recognized where she was making excuses or 'talking herself out of' making better decisions around her health and fitness. This is an important realization for her.

I think many of us are coming up with our own stories about why we can't accomplish something, without even realizing it.  What story do you tell yourself?  Since we're making it up ourselves anyway, you might as well make your story a supportive one!

Diane's Story:

How has made a difference in my life? 

Great question, I have thought about whether it has made a difference and yes it has; a significant one. StayFitMinute keeps me engaged in my long term goal of loosing excess weight, building a strong body and generally being a healthier person. I know what I am supposed to do... I'm a rather intelligent person, or so I thought. 

When I first asked Josh for his help in training me to be Fit he said he would if I would commit and not just say I would but actually do what he told me to. I said yes, of course I would but little did I know how much I would change. I skipped the odd workout because I had a cold or was too busy with work etc. 

When Josh asked I'd give him the excuse of not feeling well etc. and he would just seem to be ok with it (but I felt very guilty) and when I would talk with him about food and I'd explain that I use to be very active and eat very healthfully until I got married and started picking up the husbands bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle (the husband never got fat, life is so unfair). Josh just listened to me until I was done with my excuses and simply said, so it's somebody else's fault that you fat. I just looked at him dumbfounded - I had no come back. I control what I eat, I'm an adult.

Once I was eating a nice fresh piece of fluffy white bread with butter and savouring every bite and Josh happened by and asked innocently, Is that white bread you're eating? Again I started defending the bread and the fact that it was leftover from last night's dinner which my daughter had made for the whole family (her first attempt at cooking a family dinner) and what did Josh say? "Oh well that's ok then". He continued to talk about something else and I just looked at him thinking #*#!*!!! until I finally tossed the reaming bread in the trash and said "That's it, I don't want it anymore" and he just smiled and said nothing! We no longer have white bread in our house.

Josh asked me if I'd like to be on the mailing list for the StayFitMinute and I said yes, why not. I'm glad I did. It is a constant reminder of the goals I have set for myself; it is full of great tips and exercises to try so my routine does not get tiresome. It's a mini motivational boost.

My life has changed for the better since I made the commitment to getting fit, I have started to become more energetic, more focused and a little more appreciative of my body. Josh guided me through the workouts and pushed me a little each time and when I told him I thought the work out was too advanced, he modified it (or so I believed) and kept me moving. 

Anyone can give you a workout program and get you moving when you’re in the gym together, anyone can teach you what to eat, you can find bits of information about fitness and health all over the internet and in magazines. Josh combines it all and delivers it with humour.  He gets in your head and removes the roadblocks you set up for yourself and that's what has made the difference in my life, and it is what will ensure my success in reshaping my soft flabby body into a powerhouse of strength! 

That and the fact I see Josh's face in my mind's eye every time I reach for a chocolate bar or think about skipping exercise (how he did that is a mystery).

Diane Laing

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