Friday, July 9, 2010

Client Testimonial: Strength Training For Injury Prevention

This is an email I just received from a client of mine who is up North right now... I thought it was worth sharing...

Hey Josh!

its been ages since we last spoke. I was in at the clinic when I was last home a few months ago but you were not around. I will be back there this summer at some point and will for sure try and catch up.

the story I wanted to share with you is that Im pretty sure the workout plan you were creating with me, (injury prevention) could have potentially saved my life as I know it.

I was snowboarding In Whistler on the last day of march in an unreal snowstorm, got carried away going way too fast in the woods.... drum roll.... hit a tree. seems like the story of my life haha. I thought nothing of it at first, but later had trouble breathing and unexplainable inner pain. It turns out that I shifted/twisted/tweaked, 7 different vertebrae ranging from my lumbar to cervical spine. It was looking grim to say the least. I saw a few MD's in emerge for x-rays and thankfully nothing was cracked or broken, it seemed to be an injury mainly of the facia. I was told that its similar to most of the t-bone car accident that they see and that I was lucky.

I then go to see a well respected chiro for a few weeks and she was shocked about how my back muscles protected the spine so well. After only a few visits (and big adjustments) I was seeing huge improvements in mobility and strength. I moved on from there to see a doctor of chinese medicine who worked unbelievable magic on me! This guy is a total master and has made me a believer. (huge recommendation for yourself)

Both of these professionals told me that the only reason I was probably able to withstand such an awkward blow, was strength and stability training like we did. Your training developed a very solid base of strength to work with. During my time out here I have kept up with some of my own modified quick workouts, using the information you left for me. Now three months later I am riding my bike three time a week, and working 10 hour landscaping shifts without issues!

Its amazing what a personal fitness team can do for you...
thanks for all your help, you played a big part in saving my butt! haha (I can laugh about it now that its over).

best of luck with your business, and keep up the hard work and dedication.

PS: hows the father life treating you?


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