Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Choose a Protein Supplement

In this issue I want to discuss nutritional supplementation.

When it comes to nutrition, my focus is usually on "whole food", although often supplements are very helpful to ensure proper nutritional demands are met. I’ve mentioned Juice Plus in a previous newsletter, and the importance of a whole food fruit and vegetable concentrate (Check out, but this time I’d like to focus on protein supplementation.

I recently had a client ask me about taking whey protein (how much to take, when to take it, what type to take, what quality, etc). He was confused by all of the different protein supplements available and the overwhelming amount of advertising.

We all know that to build muscle, you need protein, right?
If you're aware of how much protein is necessary to recover properly from your workouts every day, chances are you've figured out that supplementing with protein shakes is an easy way to get in some great quality protein to build muscle.

I usually recommend consuming 1 gram of protein per lb of lean bodyweight per day. The question is WHICH protein should you be taking?

When you shop for a good protein powder, you will be bombarded with all kinds of crazy marketing for the latest Super Powered Protein supplement. In my opinion, many of these supplements are hyped up junk, and cost much more then they should.

The truth is you can make your own powerful supplements right in your own home, and save some decent money while you’re at it.

Jeff Anderson, the Muscle Nerd, talks about this in this great resource he produced at

This video tutorial by Jeff Anderson does a great job of explaining protein supplementation. In it he discusses:

•Which protein get's an "A+" on the Muscle Nerd Report Card of supplements.
•The exact times you should take your protein supplements to gain more muscle.

Protein Supplement Review Report Card: Beyond The Basics!

By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson

For more information on supplementing your diet, and how to save money by making your own supplements, check out Jeff’s site: Make Your Own Supplements

Next I'll be posting up a video showing you how I make my own post workout Power Shake... it's pretty crazy how much stuff I actually throw in it!

Until then, stay fit and train smart!


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