Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

Today is family day! In keeping with that theme we just picked up my mother-in-law from Russia this weekend, so that she can stay with us for a few months to help out with Baby K (Kaitlyn) and around the house. I'm actually really looking forward to this because I can now get alot more done with the many projects I'm working on, and can also get more sleep and increase the intensity of my training!

First step is to study for the new certifications I'm preparing for, then I need to finish the ebooks I've been working on. I think you guys will like what you see when it's ready! I've already prepared several newsletter entries in advance for my subscribers as well, and have been busy interviewing other experts in the field to get the good stuff out to you guys. If you haven't yet, you can subscribe on the left here on my blog.

If you live in Ontario, happy Family Day! If not, happy belated Valentines Day... and don't forget February is Heart Health Awareness month! Butt out the cigarettes, get off the couch, eat your greens, and take time to relax. (o:

Stay Fit,


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