Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nutrition Fuels Performance

What you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat is not only important in relation to maintaining a healthy body weight and overall health, but nutrition also plays a key role in how your body will perform in sport or other activity. Your nutrition plan, and especially the quality of the food you eat, will directly influence how well you will recover from exercise, how strong your muscles and joints can become, and how stable your energy levels will be. For athletes at any level this is an important consideration.

For optimum nutrition you need to ensure you are consuming nutrient dense foods. This means that calorie for calorie, these foods have more nutritional value. (Avoid empty calories such as sugar). Some of the most nutrient dense foods include fruits and vegetables. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of eating enough fruits and vegetables in your diet.

However, I also acknowledge that it is often challenging to consume as many servings as is recommended each day (7 to 10 or more), and I recognize that if you are trying to lose bodyfat you may want to reduce all sugars, even from fruit sources (at least for 3 days per week, as suggested in my Top Form Fitness System). This is where whole food supplementation becomes a God-send. Check out my article here:

Eat smart and stay fit!

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