Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making 2011 The Best Year Yet!

I want to wish you all a fantastic new year in 2011!

Let's set this year up to be the best one yet.  It is within our power to make each year better than the last, through the goals that we set, the choices that we make, and the attitude that we adopt.  If you haven't already, I encourage you to take the time to write down your goals (call them "resolutions" if you wish) for the next year and make your plans for how to reach these goals.


My own resolutions for 2011 are as follows:

Personal Goals:
  • Get into the best shape of my life! This means I will be leaner, stronger, healthier, and more fit than I've ever been before.  It may seem like a lofty goal, seeing as I am in my 40's now, but I was very close to reaching this objective last year (before my bicep injury), and this year it will be realized. I will be posting videos of my progress, and sharing my nutrition and exercise tips and strategies over the next few months.

  • Spend more time with my family... especially my daughter.  Kaitlyn is just over 2 years old now, and it is important to develop a strong relationship during these formative years.  Plus she's such a blast to hang out with!

  • Get more quality sleep more consistently. All work and no rest makes Josh a zombie!

Professional Goals:
  • We will be starting group training programs in a couple of weeks, to make our programs more accessible to a larger number of people.  The Strictly Fitness Boot Camp will be a challenging and highly effective early morning circuit training workout designed to improve fitness and body composition (metabolize that extra body fat!).  It is open to anyone who is up for a great workout.  The Top Form Strength Camp is an evening strength and conditioning program for men, which will involve some unique, "real-world" training implements.  I'm really looking forward to beginning both of these groups!

  • I am committed to finally completing both of the training ebooks I have been working on (and off) for so long.  These will be an online resource to make our programs available to those who do not live in the city, or who are unable to participate in one of our programs in person.

  • This is also the year that I will be venturing into group speaking engagements. I am looking forward to offering clinics and seminars in the near future.

  • 2011 will also be a year of continuing education.  I am scheduled to attend several courses and plan on attaining a new certification I've been wanted for some time.

Writing down your goals and resolutions and sharing them with others makes them "real" and helps make you accountable.  I invite you to share your New Year's goals, plans, and dreams with us, either on this blog in the comments section below, or on my new Facebook Page at .  You never know how posting your comments might inspire someone else or provide the spark to ignite their own goals for 2011.

It would be great to hear from you!

Wishing you a powerful and successful year ahead...



PS- Please post your Resolutions (or any related thoughts and ideas) in the comments below OR
at ...  Thanks!

PPS- Remember to write down your goals, say them out loud, and review them regularly to ensure you are successful in reaching them!


Anonymous said...

This year is the year that I lose the final 15 lbs and am able to do 10 chinups.

Unknown said...

Amen to that... make it happen!

Conor Kelly said...

Great stuff Josh! BTW, by when will you achieve each of these, be more specific...if there's no date it's not real!