Sunday, August 9, 2009

Get Strong: Tribute to the Liquid Scream

I was inspired to put this video together from watching Joe Defranco's Strong movie promo; watch it on YouTube HERE.

It's done as a bit of a spoof, (with a ridiculous number of fake up-chucks) but we're all huge fans of Defranco's work, so this is all in good fun. You definitely have to check out his movie at ... it will jack you up! His athletes train with some crazy intensity, and now our guys are going to 'bring it' as well!

We took some real training footage, then added a couple of cans of chicken soup for a laugh (obviously all those "technicolor yawns" are NOT real!), and I edited a video montage similar to Joe's. OK, only one puking scene in our video is actually real... can you guess which one?

Also, keep an eye out for our new Barbarian Strength program, coming soon at!

Enjoy... and train like a BEAST!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awesome video, taining was a blast and i'll be out again for sure..... as soon as the pain goes away :)